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The fastest growing telecoms company


Virtual1 is the fastest growing UK telecommunications company.*

A wholesale network operator, boasting access to an unbeatable network footprint, we deliver bespoke cloud and connectivity solutions across the country and the globe.

Virtual1:  Your Cloud, Your Way.

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*Deloitte Fast 50 2012


Internet Security

  by James Hickman 31.03.2014 “Infamy, Infamy, they’ve all got it infamy”. They don’t write jokes like that anymore. But the sentiment is easy to understand.   The Internet is a bit like that sometimes. When it was first devised, the people working on it all pretty much knew each other (or at least knew of each other) so the idea that one of them might exploit the protocols for nefarious means, never dawned on any of them. Of course now that there are about 2,00 million users, remembering all their namesread more Read more Blogs