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Virtual1 – we’ve got London covered

Virtual1 are a leading wholesale network provider delivering bespoke cloud and connectivity solutions.

With recent investment in our London network we can now provide the most competitive fixed London pricing on 100Mb and 500Mb services on over half a million on-net premises.

Virtual1:  Your Cloud, Your Way.

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How Secure are you?

October 2015, James Hickman I was on stage at a Gartner event recently and posed the question that would cause most IT managers to pause for thought. It was a simple question. The difficult ones normally are. I suggested a scenario where a senior company executive reads an in-flight magazine or news article about some hack or other and then rings their IT manager and asks “Are we secure?”. So how do you answer? “Yes” is answer girdled in hubris or naiveté. “No” isn’t a comfortable answer for ensuring continued employment. Theread more Read more Blogs