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Virtual1 – we’ve got London covered

Virtual1 are a leading wholesale network provider delivering bespoke cloud and connectivity solutions.

With recent investment in our London network we can now provide the most competitive fixed London pricing on 100Mb and 500Mb services on over half a million on-net premises.

Virtual1:  Your Cloud, Your Way.

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*Deloitte Fast 50 2014


Technologists don’t always see the things we create in the same way other people do

Dec 2014, James Hickman, Our Marketing Director bounded up to me one day all full of excitement at the prospect of using the new-fangled 3D printing to produce some giveaways as part of a campaign she had in mind. I’d always seen 3D printing as a bit of a gimmick as there are very efficient ways to make “things” these days, even prototyping a new design can be fairly rapid, allowing a designer to put a tactile object into a customer’s hands in a matter of hours in some cases. So whatread more Read more Blogs