Our Network

Virtual1 is the first UK carrier with a fully software defined network.

Our network covers over 180 towns and cities across the UK, which represents over 75% of all UK businesses. And our cutting-edge network is fully software-defined, meaning key network changes are fully automated.

What’s more, we put control of this automation directly in your hands via 1Portal; so you can add to, move, or modify your customers’ solutions—all in real-time.


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Software defined

With us, you get the best of both worlds when it comes to our network.

Our Software Defined Network (SDN) prioritises automation, enabling faster service delivery and improved in-life management.

Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) solutions from Virtual1 build upon these foundations, providing even greater visibility and control - all the way to individual users and applications.

Our Software Defined Network forms the foundation of all of our products


We have a tailormade Infrastructure as a Service environment at the heart of our network, fully integrated into our network, it is the perfect home for the channel to deliver private solutions. From the hosting of critical line of business applications for end customers to the ideal location to host channel solutions, such as hosted voice or virtual desktops. The Private delivery of these services ensures both performance and security.


Using our network, we deliver Layer2, Internet Access, MPLS & Managed SD-WAN. We do this over a mix of fibre, copper and cellular-based services


We put the control of all of our products directly in the hands of our Partners via 1Portal; our Partners can add to, move, or modify their customers’ solutions—all in real-time. We have also led the way on API development, recognising that many providers are seeking to integrate and automate their supply chain, we have developed a comprehensive API suite