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Why make do with so-so solutions, when you can make an impact with us?

At Virtual1, we challenge traditional network conventions to deliver flexible cloud and connectivity solutions that are better and simpler to use.

As the UK’s leading wholesale-only network, we’ll power your business forward–towards tomorrow.

Discover the UK's most advanced network

We're business-only

We only care about business traffic, so we’ve built our infrastructure to flex to the needs of individual businesses.

We're software-defined

Through cutting-edge automation, we give partners real-time control of our solutions, to offer services up to 10 days faster than the market.

We put our partners first

We’re wholesale only, so we never compete with our partners–we’re here to support their success every step of the way.

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Powering the progress behind UK PLC

We back businesses. That’s why our cutting-edge network has been built to support all businesses across the UK–big or small.

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winner of Best Network at Comms National Awards

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