Our Carrier Solutions

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Virtual1 works with 6 of the top 10 global network carriers. Peering with us, they can leverage our network footprint to deliver their products and services to customers all across the UK–keeping their operations efficient.

Through our market-leading network automation and suite of API’s our Carrier partners get to control our network as if it was their own, from within their own systems, for quoting, ordering and in life management.

How we support Carriers

  • We offer market-leading reach
    Combining our network with the aggregation of 9 leading UK networks, our partners get the best connectivity, at the best price
  • We help streamline operations
    With one order journey and one dedicated service manager for all of our offerings, we give you better control of your solutions
  • We simplify supply chains
    Transferring service relationships, Carrier estates and legacy products over to us, we can help simplify your operations and costs
  • We power progress
    Absorbing unwanted network footprints, while offering the benefits of our software defined infrastructure, we help Carriers abandon the challenges of network management.

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Our Carrier solutions

Layer 2

Our Layer 2 solutions make it simple for businesses to run complicated wide area networks, using the same technology applied on a local network.

We provide the underlying connectivity and route all traffic back to your network across resilient interconnect using configurations like E-line, E-LAN, E-tree or E-access.

Benefit from significant cost reductions, plus leverage in-house skills to implement any change in real time.

Layer 3

We provide a range of managed and unmanaged Layer3 solutions, each designed to meet the specific needs of individual businesses.

From our Wires-only Internet Access (SD-WAN Connect) to our Managed Direct Internet Access offering, Virtual1 can host a Carrier’s IP address range for any Virtual1 service to appear native to end customers and consistent with their wider offerings.

For a partner that provides peace of mind, as well as top-notch service.

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