Virtual1 (en-GB)

Virtual1 deepens its partnership with telcoinabox


Virtual1 are delighted to announce the deepening of its relationship with reseller setup & support specialist Telcoinabox, with both parties investing significantly into the relationship over the next 24 months and beyond.

2017 has seen Virtual1 make huge strides with both the rollout of its national network, and putting the control of its fully Software Defined Network into the hands of its partners. Telcoinabox has recognised the opportunities that these developments offer and has moved to make sure their partners can take advantage.

Beyond a commercial agreement, Telcoinabox and Virtual1 have worked to smartly integrate their systems to enable Telcoinabox partners to offer real time quotes.

“Virtual1 have been a long-standing supplier of premium, high-grade connectivity. We identified that ‘speed-to-quote’ at point of sale is a significant factor in increased closure rates for our partners, and this integration delivers just that. We are focused on our goal of making it a pleasure to operate a reseller business via Telcoinabox’s system & support framework. This, along with Virtual1’s recent investment in network expansion across the UK signified a closer relationship was a strategic must” – Zachery Crofts, Telcoinabox Managing Director.

Complementary to having the capability of setting up a reseller business end-to-end in 1-2 weeks, Telcoinabox partners can now raise connectivity quotes in real time from a simple smartphone based app, all in front of a customer. Clear presentation of the options are instantly available and reducing sales costs and cycle, to drive higher conversion rates.

“The relationship with Telcoinabox is a key part of our growth strategy over the next 24 months. It is also exciting to see a Partner making use of our API’s to further build their own value proposition. Our partnership will open up channel opportunities across the country, and delivers high quality bandwidth solutions to areas previously under-served” - Tom O’Hagan, Virtual1 founder & CEO

This integration is already live for all of Telcoinabox’s existing partners, for more information on becoming a Telcoinabox partner visit