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What's new on 1Portal


Neil Wilson - Head of Products and Marketing at Virtual1

Today we launched our first in a series of big updates for 1Portal this summer, and whilst all pages have had cosmetic improvements, there are some big new features that will dramatically improve the everyday usability.

Introduction of Universal Search

Although discrete, the new search bar at the top of 1Portal will transform how you use 1Portal. rather than you needing to navigate to a specific section you can use it to search against a company name, contact, asset, circuit reference, entering as much information as you want. This give you a results screen showing links to everywhere your search term was found. with quick links on the left hand side to help you move through the results quickly.

This should become your new first port of call when using 1Portal.

New Custom Dashboard

Universal Search is not the only feature designed to save you time. You can now control what you see as soon as you log into 1Portal. So if there is an urgent project or case you are working on, you can pin it specifically to your homepage, so you can see any updates and click straight into it at any time.

We will be releasing further widgets to the dashboard over the coming weeks, bring in more information directly to you attention at just the right time.

Other smaller changes

  • Quoting - now 1Access
  • Service Inventory and Provisioning - now combined into Services
  • Documentation section changed to make documents easier to find and remove much of the navigation

Finally - your feedback is critical to the continued success for 1Portal and we take it very seriously, so please use the feedback feature top right to give use your thoughts, complementary or constructive, the more the better.