14th September 2018

Virtual1 launches cellular ethernet

Our new Cellular Ethernet product has hit the market!

Over the past 6 months Virtual1 has been working hard to bring a compelling Cellular Ethernet product to market which complements its market-leading connectivity portfolio.

Virtual1’s Cellular Ethernet solution is based on the UK’s top 3 mobile networks and will enable its Partners to rapidly deliver connectivity solutions to any partner location, using whichever mobile signal is strongest. Significantly, it will also replicate the standard product set of traditional wired ethernet solutions. Cellular Ethernet will come in 3 forms; as Primary Connectivity, Pre-Ethernet and Backup solutions.

The solutions blend well with our existing software defined network, It is compatible with our 1Portal health check functionality, and modification through our software-defined network is in development.

Head of Products & Marketing Neil Wilson commented “We have wanted to bring a cellular product into our portfolio for a while, but it was critical to make sure that it worked in harmony with our wider proposition and brought something not available elsewhere in the market.

“Finding the right connectivity partner who would work with us on this and help us to develop a unique solution was critical, and we found exactly that in Pangea,” Wilson continued.

Co-Founder and Managing Director Dan Cunliffe commented “As a provider of bespoke, customer-centric solutions, Pangea is excited to collaborate with a leading digital service provider in the Channel such as Virtual1. Innovative and seamless, the Cellular Ethernet solution will grant customers instant and reliable connectivity through our multi-network capabilities, whilst giving Virtual1 total control of IP addressing..

“This is an incredible opportunity for both companies, and we’re looking forward to seeing the value that we can deliver to the Channel through a strong partnership.”

Virtual1 expect the Cellular Ethernet to be on general release within the next couple of months and are currently working on a number of trial deployments with Partners.


About Virtual1

Working exclusively for the Channel, Virtual1 are the most advanced, wholesale only Carrier in the UK. Connecting 180 towns and cities across the country from over 270 on-net exchanges.

Built upon state-of-the-art infrastructure, we deliver high capacity, low latency connectivity which is privately connected to market-leading UC, SIP and Cloud solutions.

Virtual1’s network is fully software defined and places the control and configuration of access directly under their Partner’s control, via our award winning 1Portal and suite of API’s. Virtual1’s Partners can quote, order and manage their customers from anywhere in the world, 24/7/365

About Pangea

Pangea specialise in global IoT connectivity, devices, solutions, and actionable analytics, all with access to their powerful Pangea Portal that lets you remotely monitor, analyse, and control anything at any time.

Whether it’s helping the environment, ensuring businesses stay connected on a global scale, or transforming how processes work by making them more efficient, quicker, and accurate, Pangea’s bespoke IoT solutions are comprehensively designed to address the needs of any company and industry segment.