23rd September 2022

When two become 1

An update on our network footprint & Layer2 price point

Earlier this year we joined TalkTalk Group. We're thrilled to announce we've now completed merging our network footprints on the 1Portal, marking an exciting milestone for the business. This means that you can now see our fully software defined, Internet Access, MPLS and Layer2 solutions across the entire network footprint.

It's important that we keep things uniform, that's why we've aligned our price points for both Virtual1 and TalkTalk Wholesale Services, so you will get a consistent commercial experience, regardless of the part of the business that you transact with.

What does this mean for you?

  • We've gone from 300 to 3000 exchanges for all solutions, significantly increasing our highly competitive on-net coverage
  • If you're hooked into us via API you'll now see the network footprint of the combined group - without needing to update your API query

Discover the changes for yourself, and make sure that all of your customer quotes are bang up to date to put you in the best possible position to close out your opportunities.

Check out the 1Portal today.