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Our award winning

customer management portal

We know it’s not enough to simply provide a solution. You need to be able to monitor your customers’ connectivity and make adjustments on the fly, as challenges arise and requirements change. Our award-winning portal is built to make life easy for you and open possibilities for your customers. Fully integrated into our core network and our partners systems, 1Portal provides you with a seamless, automated experience. We put the control of all of our products directly in your hands; meaning you can add to, move, or modify your customers’ solutions—all in real-time.

With 1Portal, you can:

  • Monitor the network with live analytics that can be shared with customers
  • Customise your offering to exactly match your customers’ needs
  • Free up time and budget by automating processes such as quoting and ordering

This means your customers can:

  • Enjoy even better customer service from your team
  • Make informed decisions based on live network analytics
  • Quickly and easily buy more services from you

Quotes provided by our API every month

Online Quoting

1Portal was first to market in 2010

MPLS quoting and ordering

1st to launch comprehensive MPLS quoting and ordering


Fully automated quoting and ordering on our network

Transform your customer experience with our suite of APIs

With a fully documented test environment, we provide all of the tools you need to test and configure your services. We also have direct links to Openreach’s test environments so you have access to end-to-end testing throughout the supply chain.

Sitting alongside 1Portal are lots of APIs, allowing you to enhance your speed of delivery though automation. We believe that APIs are the future for service provision. So, we empower you to sync up your systems with ours directly for quoting, ordering, management and support.

"Very impressed with the recent developments to 1Portal! In particular, the quoting customisation delivering both clarity and flexibility; as well as the comprehensive dashboard management across all levels of our partnership from sales through to faults. A fantastic portal to support our continued growth with V1 as the network expands!"

Alan Shraga, MD. Fidelity Group