No more network nonsense

As the UK's largest business-only network, we get that having a fast, secure and reliable route to the internet is business-critical, 24/7.

Our connectivity products have been developed to provide you and your customers the solutions you need today, in a way that is scalable to meet the demands of tomorrow. Offering high capacity solutions with top-notch security and performance guaranteed.

Join a network that's focused on you

Our solutions are designed to meet the needs of individual businesses. Our partners benefit from:

  • A software-defined network that delivers services 10 working days faster than the market
  • The option of Layer 2 and Layer 3 solutions
  • Real-time control of their solutions via 1Portal
  • The ability to define their own service propositions
  • Value-added capabilities like firewalls and cloud

More than just a network

To compete in the modern world, businesses need connectivity that seamlessly connects with their critical business systems. To match up, we've placed our network at the heart of the IT and telecoms ecosystem that we offer.

With our very own backup and cloud solutions, and privately peering with the leading players in the market, we provide partners with high performing and secure, on net, SIP, UC and cloud solutions from the leading industry vendors.

Get custom-built connectivity solutions

MPLS and Internet

We provide MPLS and Internet Access solutions through one integrated network and supplier via Fibre Ethernet, EoFTTC, FTTP, Cellular Ethernet Broadband, FTTC and ADSL.

Internet Access with Layer 2 VLAN (Carrier Connect)

This hybrid proposition is designed to allow local, in-country internet breakout to customers, while delivering a Layer 2 VLAN back to a core network for private access to on net services.

Managed SD-WAN

Our SD-WAN solution provides unprecedented control and visibility over how a network is behaving and what interventions might be required when it’s not performing as planned.

Wires-only Internet Access (SD-WAN Connect)

This Layer 3 internet service has fixed IP addressing assigned in the core of our network for a partner to deploy an SD-WAN controller on a customer site without the need for additional routing CPE.

Layer 2 Solutions

Our Layer 2 solutions deliver data connectivity directly from a customer premise back to your core network to provide your own internet access and value-add services.

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A dedicated and symmetrical bandwidth service delivered on uncontended fibre access at speeds from 10Mb up to 10Gb.

FTTP (Fibre to the Premise)

Full fibre delivered straight to your business premise. FTTP delivers a rapid fibre-optic connection directly from the exchange, enhancing service speeds and network reliability.

Broadband FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet)

Offering download speeds of up to 80Mb, and uploads of up to 20Mb, Broadband FTTC is an contended product that may be impacted by network congestion at peak times.

EoFTTC (Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet)

An Ethernet-style service delivered via superfast broadband with symmetric traffic, where upload and download speeds are the same. EoFTTC provides access to the full range of our SDN features.

Cellular Ethernet

A quick, easy to deploy, secure alternative to wired connectivity. All network traffic is delivered privately back to the Virtual1 network via discrete interconnects, removing the need for VPN’s.


This business-grade solution offers download speeds of up to 24Mb with quick and efficient implementation—most commonly used as a backup product.