28th March 2023

Looking for an affordable cloud solution that’s safe, and scales with you?

Introducing 1Cloud...

Workforce trends are dramatically changing how today’s businesses operate. Among drives to make our technology greener, more complex cyberthreats putting systems and data at risk, and motivations around more geographically distant workforces, the ongoing mass adoption of cloud solutions are likely no surprise – and are set to continue into the very distant future.

Cloud adoption is integral to businesses thanks to the uncertain climates we now live in. Whether down to the benefits of extra cyber protection, providing safer modes to store our documents, the ease of collaborating with colleagues across the globe, and all before we mention the entire removal of hardware costs – in a cost-of-living crisis – why wouldn’t businesses turn to cloud to secure their workforces?

A recent survey by Microsoft found that 62% of businesses now have a cloud migration in place – citing reduced business costs, futureproofing strategies and rising revenue growth as the top motivators. Win, win, win – right?

Apparently not. But what are the downsides stopping that remaining 38% from adopting?

Businesses may fight the case to keep traditional hardware due to having less tech-savvy workforces, concerns around cloud costs and implementation (it’s true, cloud solutions don’t always come cheap…), or having a ‘this is the way it’s always been’ mindset. But there’s no denying that to be successful in today’s marketplaces requires businesses to move faster, and without putting themselves at risk. Outcomes which can all be enabled by cloud.

Overcoming the barriers to cloud adoption through 1Cloud

1Cloud has been keeping businesses connected to all of their systems and data, 24/7, simply and reliably since 2017. What’s more, it’s affordable as it scales to meet business needs – helping overcome any budget restrictions.

Created in response to increasing global markets, supply chain digitization, new regulations in telecoms as well as IT demands to hit KPIs, this infrastructure as a service platform is a flexible and resilient alternative to the hyperscalers, built into the core of the Virtual1 network for all the resilience you'd expect from cloud computing. What’s more, 1Cloud is simple to deploy, monitor and manage to help overcome any hesitations.

Extra benefits

Once you’re wired in to the Virtual1 network, you become part of our eco-system, and have an easy path to building your own cloud service portfolio to sell to customers, with access to our best-in-class supplier partners. Plus, we give free access to our sales and marketing assets to help you get a faster entry into new markets – the ability to land new customers, increase your wallet share and your sales team’s confidence.

But how easy is 1Cloud to navigate, really?

1Cloud has been designed to give you, our partner, and your customers, full control over your server estate. This means that you can quickly and simply build, spin up, spin-down and delete servers using our web interface through a single web portal that’s easy to manage – and with in-person support always on hand to help. Much easier to take to market than hyperscale cloud solutions, but with no compromise on security, resilience and scalability.

Sounds expensive?

1Cloud is charged on the actual resources you and your customers consume, on a monthly basis – with granular charging to the nearest hour. It comes with a zero-commit pay as you go model, at competitive rates, with no ingress or egress charging. We also provide a fixed rate option for easier budgeting, with agreed usage amounts per month.

Give your customer’s peace of mind with 1Cloud, thanks to:

  • Private, secure access to their critical services, with resilience measures built in
  • Complete end to end ownership of traffic for maximum performance
  • The ability to scale bandwidth up and down as necessary
  • Being Mitel-approved suppliers, with private connections to multiple SIP vendors, our managed Zerto replication, on net capabilities for voice quality assurance and more

With 1cloud you get a core platform that’s designed, built and managed by us, on your behalf, a web-based user interface for ease of access for you and your customers, plus 24x7 support and a 30-minute response time guaranteed.

Take your IT tools, communications, functional applications and your customers to the cloud – contact one of our cloud specialists today to find out more.