26th July 2022

New 1Cloud pricing model

Our new 1Cloud pricing model is now live on the 1Portal.

Since launching the 1Cloud suite back in 2016, we’ve worked tirelessly to refine its four service areas: 1Cloud, Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, Cloud Exchange, and Co-Location.

But with this relentless focus on the products, the 1Cloud pricing model and its processes slipped behind. They needed to catch up.

A lengthy internal review in 2021 concluded that whilst our products and service elements continue to evolve at pace, the development of associated processes and software to facilitate total automation had not entirely kept up. There had been a creep of manual processes and workarounds that had started to affect customer satisfaction on the order journey and this needed addressing. In all, 120 remedial actions were identified across the four service areas with specific focus on crystalising our proposition, documentation, sales functions, processes, operational understanding and invoicing.

So we reworked the entire 1Cloud pricing model to give you exciting new margin opportunities, better flexibility, more scaling options and less licence fees—all delivered through a sleek new interface that would make Tesla jealous.

Key to this was a root and branch overhaul of the cloud resource commercial model with a move to tariff based, formalised discounting, and revision of our contracted offering. Cascading from this, internal core groups focused on the product offering, commercial data structure, effective sales tools, UI/UX order journey, data capture, technical solution elements, system enhancements, invoicing and everything in between.

After nearly a year of determined hard-work, we're now at the point where we can launch our new pricing model to Partners. There will be opportunities to view demonstrations of our new quoting tool, and hear us explain where we are in terms of automation, order flow, order clarifications, changes, and enhancements. And we’ll be very interested to hear your feedback and comments.

“We're excited to launch our new, disruptive 1Cloud pricing model for partners. The new structure provides multiple discount options based on variables such as contract term and baseline revenue commitments creating increased margin opportunity for our customers whilst maintaining the scale and flexibility usually delivered by hourly usage pricing. Along with the new model, we have also decreased software license fees on the platform and of course, it is still completely free to connect to your server infrastructure privately and securely when using Virtual1 connectivity services.” - Mark Walker, Head of Commercial

Our 1Cloud pricing model is now live in 1Portal. This new innovative model will allow our partners to customise their requirements with commercial flexibility, ensuring we present the best win opportunity for us all.

It’s time to hop onto 1Portal and test drive the new pricing model.