Not feeling the connection?

The world is built on businesses and, simply put, businesses need seriously good connectivity to meet the evolving demands of a tech-driven world.

We put our network at the heart of everything we do to make sure we keep businesses connected to the critical data and systems that underpin their work everyday. Keeping them running and competitive, wherever they are.

We’ve worked with Virtual1 for 3 years as a reliable, innovative wholesale provider of connectivity with competitive and attractive commercials. Virtual1 continues to impress as they bring more areas on-net, offering affordable connectivity to UK businesses and unrelentingly investing in their portfolio to help us offer connectivity products with the high speeds and resilience required for cloud applications!

We deliver cutting-edge fibre to UK businesses

Combining state-of-the-art infrastructure and a team of the industry's best, our network is nationwide. With the help of our key connectivity partners we deliver fibre coverage all across the UK with bandwidth from 10Mb up to 10Gb+.

We’re both a provider and aggregator of connectivity, so we bring together the footprints of 9 Tier One UK Networks to make sure we provide market-leading connectivity across the UK, all the time.

Our network is software-defined, from core to edge

Our cutting-edge network is fully software-defined, so we can hand the control and configuration of many of our services over to you, our partner.

Our partners can make changes to their solutions directly, in real-time—like scaling bandwidth on-demand—and deliver an 'always on' service to their customers.

We provide services faster than any other provider

Through our award-winning customer portal, you're in control. 1Portal lets our partners quote, order and manage their customer’s solutions with ease, in seconds, to deliver a slick service that enhances their SLA's.

Plus, with a fully automated order journey into Openreach we remove any briefcase time to speed up our services even more–providing solutions that arrive 10 days quicker than the rest of the market.

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